The parodies listed below are all descriptions of non-existent books.

Life is a bit thick without humor and these entries are certainly put forward 
with a mind to entertain rather than offend.

All parodies were written by Kenny Brechner unless they are either otherwise noted
 or  create offense in some way.

If they create offense in some way they were written by an unnamed member of our staff.

Printed Maine People 
(Now With All Three Original Issues!)

A Costume Ball For Classic Books - as seen in PW

Bum Out Summer?

The Hidden Poems of Thoreau

The Clerr! as seen in PW

The Kindle at Poseidon's Gate as seen in PW

Eat Your Haggis an Pass The Atonement, as seen in PW

Introducing The Noveler!

New Feature! The Dystopia Plague

The Fedora On The Menorah! as seen in PW

The 2010 Men of NECBA Calendar

 Mystic Jon's Mystic Realm

Having Our Way, by Dr. Patricia Maus-Mouly

My Year in the Squirrel Arbor: A Memoir, by Brelinda Chattins

The Ghoul Princess: A Traditional Ghoul Fable
Marsha 2016, The Newest American Girl

The Cavorticon, by Karen Bell

Hog's Breath, by Pharbert Mason

The Inner Whale, by Dr. Carl Miller

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