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All the following Book Reviews made prior to 2007 appeared originally in the Franklin Journal
in Kenny Brechner's book review column. The column was weekly from 1999-2001, biweekly from 2002-2005, and occasional thereafter. Beginning in 2007 he began contributing reviews and essays to the Daily Bulldog. Bulldog features will be marked with a DB. Many other of our reviews and features can be found in our newsletter, The Weekly Top 2. Which you can access here at The Weekly Top 2 Archive.

The Year 2000

Fire Bringer, by David Clement-Davies, 12-27-00

The Serpent Slayer, by Katrin Tchana, 12-20-00

The Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain, 12-13-00

Three Years Before The Braves Left Boston,  by John Judson, 12-06-00

Separations, by Massimo Bontempelli, 11-22-00

Lone Wolf and Cub, By Koike and Kojima, 11-15-00

The Prize of All Oceans, by Glyn Williams,  11-8-00

The Amber Spyglass, By Philip Pullman, 11-1-00

Halloween Suggestions, 10-25-00

A Day's Work Part II, By W.H. Bunting, 10-18-00

Fall Children's Book Selections, 10-11-00

The Way Forward Is With A Broken Heart, By Alice Walker, 10-04-00

Round Trip To Deadsville, By Tim Matson, 09-27-00

Freddy The Pig, By Walter R. Brooks, 09-20-00

The Black Flower and Sarah Canary, 09-13-00

Two Books Totally Worth Reading, 09-04-00

The Little Locksmith, by Katherine Butler Hathaway, 08-27-00

The Chronicles of the Frigate Macedonian, by James Tertius De Kay, 08-20-00

Judging A Book By Its Title, 08-13-00

The Rabbi Small Mysteries, by Harry Kemelman, 08-06-00

Suitable Attire for Fantasy's Early Masters, 07-31-00

How to Read and Why, by Harold Bloom 07-24-00

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,  by J.K. Rowlings 07-17-00

Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangely Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies, 07-10-00

The Delivery of Harry Potter IV, 06-31-00

Agincourt, by Cristopher Hibbert, 06-17-00

The Secret of Platform 13, by Eva Ibbotsen, 06-10-00

Watching A River Freeze, by Elizabeth Elder, 06-03-00

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, by Amin Maalouf, 05-27-00

Rules of the Road & Hope Was Here, by Joan Bauer, 05-20-00

The Chinese Garden, by Rosemary Manning, 05-13-00

Three New Maine Guide Books, 05-06-00

The Genesis of Justice, by Alan Dershowitz 04-28-00

His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman 04-21-00

Sagas of the Icelanders 04-14-00

As Nature Made Him, by John Colaptino 04-01-00

In America, by Susan Sontag 03-24-00

A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket 03-17-00

Not Proven, by Woody Hanstein 03-10-00

Jem (And Sam), by Ferdinand Mount 02-18-00

Malpertuis, by Jean Ray 02-09-00

Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome 02-02-00

Royal Survivor: The Life of Charles II, by Stephen Coote 01-28-00

Ahab's Wife or, The Star Gazer, by Sena Jeter Naslund 01-24-00

Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny 1-17-00

Love Always, Patsy Cline 1-13-00

Parting Company: Understanding the Loss of a Loved One &
 Surgery: A Patient's Guide From Recovery to Diagnosis 1-10-00

Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan 1-5-00

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