Book Reviews and Essays

All the following Book Reviews made prior to 2007 appeared originally in the Franklin Journal
in Kenny Brechner's book review column. The column was weekly from 1999-2001, biweekly from 2002-2005, and occasional thereafter. Beginning in 2007 he began contributing reviews and essays to the Daily Bulldog.  Many other of our reviews and features can be found in our newsletter, The Weekly Top 2. Which you can access here at The Weekly Top 2 Archive.

As of 2014 Kenny is also contributing one book related essay each week to Publishers Weekly's Shelftalker blog! You can catch those features here.

The Year 2014

John D. Rockefeller Discusses

 An interview with author Sylvia Grove

 An interview with Mrs. Cook’s class

The Mrs. Turcotte Read Aloud Challenge completed

The Mrs. Turcotte Read Aloud Challenge

The Mrs. Turcotte Read Aloud Challenge

The Hypnographer

Tintin in the Bookstore - PW
- Also in the Dailybulldog -

Knightley and Son - DB

Half a Chance - DB

Libraries and Librarians - DB

January Books Express Their Feelings - DB

An Interview with The Year 2014 - DB

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