Book Reviews and Essays

All the following Book Reviews made prior to 2007 appeared originally in the Franklin Journal
in Kenny Brechner's book review column. The column was weekly from 1999-201, biweekly from 2002-2005, and occasional thereafter. Beginning in 2007 he began contributing reviews and essays to the Daily Bulldog. Bulldog features will be marked with a DB. Many other of our reviews and features can be found in our newsletter, The Weekly Top 2. Which you can access here at The Weekly Top 2 Archive.

The Year 2009

The Holiday 25 12/1/09 - DB

Mallett School Book Reviews 11/23/09 - DB

Pay As You Go Reading 11/10/09 - PW

Fire, by Kristin Cashore 10/5/09

The Maze Runner, by James Dashner 10/5/09

A Truly Bad Idea 9/18/09 - DB

Eat Your Haggis and Pass the Atonement 8/23/09 - PW

Two Questions Are Posed to the Reader 8/20/09 - DB

The False Opinion Corrector 8/6/09 - DB

The Kindle at Poseidon's Gate 7/14/09 - PW

E-book Advertising? 7/8/09 - DB

Book Reviews By The Ultimate Literary Critics 6/10/9 - DB

A Literary Form of Scurvy 5/29/09 -DB

The Chosen One, by Carol Lynch Williams 5/17/09 - DB

If I Stay, by Gayle Forman 4/5/09 - PW (Publishers Weekly)

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