Volcanoes: Global Perspectives (Paperback)

Volcanoes: Global Perspectives By John P. Lockwood, Richard W. Hazlett, Servando de la Cruz-Reyna Cover Image

Volcanoes: Global Perspectives (Paperback)



Since the publication of the first edition of Volcanoes in 2010, our world of volcanology has changed in exciting ways. Volcanoes have continued to erupt (some 61 eruptions with VEI magnitudes greater than 3 have taken place since 2010), and in this revised and updated edition, the authors describe the largest of these, and the ones that have had the most impact on society. Volcanoes, Second Edition, contains more than 80 new photographs and figures to better illustrate volcanic features and processes, with an updated Bibliography that includes important papers describing recent eruptions and new findings.

Volcanologic research is improving the foundations of knowledge upon which all our science rests, and we briefly summarize the most important of these advances and new research tools developed over the past eleven years. The most productive of these new tools are remotely operated, constantly monitoring volcanoes and their impacts on the Earth's atmosphere from space and exploring new volcanic worlds beyond the bounds of Earth. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are now widely available to understand better the most active volcanoes on Earth - those beneath the sea.

This superlative textbook will enable students who may never see an erupting volcano to evaluate news stories about far-away eruptions, and to distinguish between overly sensational stories and factual reporting that puts facts in context. Emergency managers, land use planners, and civic officials also need to understand volcanic processes when their communities are threatened - this book will inform and guide them in their decision-making.

Avoiding overly technical discussions and unnecessary use of jargon, with the important needs of civil authorities, teachers and students particularly in mind, this second edition of Volcanoes will also be of interest to general readers who are interested in these fascinating and ever-changing features of our dynamic planet.

About the Authors After a long career as a volcanologist with the US Geological Survey, John P. Lockwood now resides on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii, where he is a geologic consultant and affiliate faculty at the University of Hawaii Hilo campus. Richard W. Hazlett is a USGS Research Associate, University of Hawaii Hilo affiliate and Professor Emeritus from Pomona College who has spent decades researching volcanic terrains throughout much of Europe, North America and the Pacific. Servando de la Cruz-Reyna is a Research Professor at the Institute of Geophysics of the University of Mexico (UNAM) and a founder member of the National Civil Protection System Advisory Scientific Committee for the active volcanoes of Mexico.
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