Pokémon Official Galar Region Activity Book (Paperback)

Pokémon Official Galar Region Activity Book  By Lawrence Neves Cover Image

Pokémon Official Galar Region Activity Book (Paperback)


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Meet the Pokemon of Galar – with Dozens of New Activities!  

Welcome, Pokemon adventurers, to this brand-new activity book featuring the recently discovered Galar region! You’ll find fun puzzles, exciting quests—and maybe even some new friends. You’re going to meet plenty of newly discovered Pokemon, so gather your gear, and let’s head out!

With over 100 pages of fun activities in this book, you'll find something for every Pokemon Trainer, from new fans to longtime Pokemon experts! Show off your Pokemon knowledge and triumph over more than a dozen types of brain teasers and activities with the Pokemon Galar Region Activity Book!

Puzzles * Mazes * Spot the Difference * Find That Pokemon * Crosswords * Match the Type * Acrostics * Word Searches * And Much More!

Also included:

Build 5 of your own papercraft Poke Balls!   

Pokemon Height and Weight Chart for the Galar Region. This helpful reference chart list select Pokemon found in the activity book by name. Refer to the chart when you're stuck, or if you want to brush up on some of the Pokemon living in the Galar region that we've discovered so far. 
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Product Details ISBN: 9781604382075
ISBN-10: 1604382074
Publisher: Pikachu Press
Publication Date: November 24th, 2020
Pages: 96
Language: English