SMEAGLE gets HIJACKED (Paperback)

SMEAGLE gets HIJACKED By Malina Morgann Cover Image

SMEAGLE gets HIJACKED (Paperback)


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A lost dog. A dangerous journey. A snowy wilderness filled with dog-eating creatures.

When a huge bird carries him off, Smeagle plots his escape. Unsure of his ability to survive alone in the snowy wilderness, Smeagle is scared, but determined to get back to the boy he loves.

A chance meeting with a raccoon named Kit gives Smeagle hope that not all is lost. However, can he trust a wisecracking raccoon to help him find his way home? Together, Smeagle and Kit must survive freezing nights, empty stomachs, and hungry enemies. Along the way, Smeagle learns that most animals aren't mean, all birds aren't out to get him, and some people aren't friendly.

Smeagle gets Hijacked is the first book in The Adventures of Smeagle the Beagle book series. It's a story of survival, adventure, and friendship with plenty of humor mixed in. If you are a dog lover who likes Hank the Cowdog and Survivors, then you will love Malina Morgann's page-turning adventure.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733035408
ISBN-10: 1733035400
Publisher: Weathered Hat Publishing
Publication Date: June 9th, 2022
Pages: 174
Language: English