Landscapes of the Solar System (Hardcover)

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Landscapes of the Solar System By Aina Bestard, Antonio Hales (Editor) Cover Image

Landscapes of the Solar System (Hardcover)


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"I often lament that it’s hard to fully appreciate the breadth and beauty of our Children’s Science and Nature section; packed with so many eye-catching titles, it’s difficult to give each book the space it needs to breathe! So this week, I’m featuring one of my favorites: Landscapes of the Solar System by Aina Bestard. This tour of our solar system begins with the wondrous question: “What do we see when we look at the sky?” Once grounded in our earthly surroundings, we begin our cosmic journey, traveling outwards from the sun. We are swept away in Bestard’s otherworldly illustrations—icy, rocky, and gaseous horizons—as we learn key facts about the celestial bodies in our solar system. Depictions reminiscent of 19th century studies are paired with a sleek layout, making these pages sing. And there are overlays! Foldouts! Landscapes of the Solar System is not only a brilliant addition to any young space-lovers library, but a marvelous book object for all." 

— meg

“In a stylized, fact-filled overview, Bestard profiles planets, major moons, and dwarf planets, among other entities that make up Earth’s solar system.” –Publishers Weekly

Breathtaking illustrations bring views of different worlds of our Solar System to life in this engaging and accessible book created in conjunction with ALMA, the largest astronomical project in the world.

We live in an amazing planetary system. From the yawning Valles Marineris on Mars and the subsurface ocean hiding beneath the ice crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa, to the eerily Earth-like terrain of Saturn’s moon Titan, the solar system brims with wonders. And let’s not forget the Sun, with its mysteriously hot corona and solar flares.

This book is a trip to the Solar System through marvelous illustrations accompanied by a comprehensive text that helps the reader understand the amazing variety of landscapes within our planetary system. The planetary images and data provided by scientific instruments have contributed to our understanding of how and why planets evolve.
Antonio Hales is a Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and Manager of the Array Performance Group at the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA). He works in astrophysics, and in the art-science interplay through music, sound, and literature. His research in astrophysics focuses on the question of the origins of planets.
Product Details ISBN: 9781735311531
ISBN-10: 1735311537
Publisher: Tra Publishing
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 60
Language: English
In a stylized, fact-filled overview, Bestard profiles planets, major moons, and dwarf planets, among other entities that make up Earth’s solar system. Emphasizing the vastness of outer space, pages welcome readers to reflect on Earth’s placement in the cosmos and the universe’s beginnings. 
— —Publishers Weekly