Korea: Where the American Century Began (Hardcover)

Korea: Where the American Century Began By Michael Pembroke Cover Image

Korea: Where the American Century Began (Hardcover)


Unless you know the history, you cannot see the future.

In late 1950, the US-led invasion of North Korea failed and for the next three years the United States bombed the North’s cities, towns and villages relentlessly. Pyongyang has been determined to develop a credible nuclear deterrent ever since.

The Korean War was the first of America’s unsuccessful military interventions post-World War II and its first modern conflict with China. It established the pattern for the next sixty years and marked the true beginning of the American century. With compassion for the people of the North and South, and understanding for the soldiers caught between the bitter winter and an implacable enemy, Michael Pembroke tells the absorbing story of Korea. It is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand why the Korean peninsula has become the nuclear flashpoint it is today.
Michael Pembroke is a writer, historian, naturalist and author of an acclaimed historical biography Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy, which was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. Since 2010 he has been a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781786074737
ISBN-10: 1786074737
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: August 14th, 2018
Pages: 368
Language: English
‘Provocative…timely, readable and deeply researched… Deliver[s] crucial information Americans need to understand the permanent crisis in Southeast Asia… Chillingly relevant.’
— Blaine Harden, Washington Post

‘This richly informed study amply establishes that American global militarism has its origin in the Korean conflict… The lessons are all too pertinent in today’s toxic political climate.’
— Noam Chomsky

‘A no-holds-barred critique of US involvement in the Korean War and its subsequent policy involving Korea.’
— Kirkus

‘This is a very important book, an eye-opening one, and a wise one. I read it in one go – fascinated, educated, appalled, amazed and gripped… It lifts the lid on so many things.’
— A. C. Grayling

‘No book could be more timely or with warnings more necessary to heed, if history is not to be repeated.’
— Geoffrey Robertson QC, author of Crimes Against Humanity

‘Michael Pembroke’s Korea: Where the American Century Began is a brilliant book, meticulously researched, comprehensive and extremely timely. It opens a new dimension of America’s continuing war against anything different and esoteric and explains why, after seven decades…the Korean drama remains unsolved.’
— Dr Leonid Petrov, Australian National University

‘Compulsory material for anyone who wonders how the situation on the Korean peninsula deteriorated to the point it has today.’
— Richard Broinowski, former Australian Ambassador to South Korea