Stop Calling Humans Black and White (Paperback)

Stop Calling Humans Black and White By Peprah-Gyamfi Robert Cover Image

Stop Calling Humans Black and White (Paperback)


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In this head-on confrontation with the prevailing practice of designating people of African descent black and those of European white, the author, a native of Ghana, lays out in this thought-provoking book his stimulating argument to back his call for an end to the practice

Among others, he argues that referring to a section of humanity as "black", a colour that is generally associated with evil, malice and all that is bad and another group as "white", a colour that epitomizes good, innocence and all that is desirable, helps institutionalize racism.

To the extent that his limited financial resources have so far prevented him from seeking redress at the appropriate human rights courts for what he regards as blatant discrimination against him, the events leading to the death of George Floyd have prompted him to begin a global campaign to achieve that goal.

In a passionate statement to round up his case, the author appeals to citizens of the global village, the jury as it were, to support his cause. Will the majority indeed come along with him to reverse what he considers an out-of-date practise, an indefensible vestige from yesteryear?

Product Details ISBN: 9781913285050
ISBN-10: 1913285057
Publisher: Perseverance Books
Publication Date: August 15th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English