Radiometry in Modern Scientific Experiments (Hardcover)

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Radiometry in Modern Scientific Experiments (Hardcover)


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Preface.- Acknowlegments. - Chapter 1. Introduction.- 1.1 General.- 1.2 Radiometric, photometric and photonic quantities and units.- 1.2 Relationship between between radiometric, photometric and photonic units9.- 1.3 The essential features required of metrological assurance for radiometric measurements.- References.- Chapter 2 Radiation sources in radiometric applications.- 2.1 General3.- 2.2 Calibrated sources of thermal radiation.- 2.1.1 Planck's law in different units.- 2.1.2 Radiation from true bodies.- 2.1.3 The brightness and color temperatures in measurements with strip lamps.- 2.1.4. Quartz tungsten-halogen lamps.- 2.2 Gas-discharge radiation sources for the UV of λ > 190 nm.- 2.3 Gas-discharge radiation sources for vacuum UV of λ > 115 nm.- 2.3 Synchrotron radiation.- 2.3.1 Calibration of radiation sources.- 2.3.2 Calibration of photodetectors.- Problems.- References.- Chapter 3 Photodetectors in radiometric applications.- 3.1. Classification of photodetectors.- 3.2. Operational features of photodetectors.- 3.2.1 Photodetector responsivity.- 3.2.2 Spectral responsivity.- 3.2.3 Total responsivity.- 3.2.4. Responsivity of nonlinear photodetectors.- 3.2.5. Effects affecting responsivity.- 3.2.6 Noise and detectivity.- 3.2.7 Dynamic characteristics of photodetectors.- 3.3 Thermal detectors1.- 3.3.1 Thermocouples and thermopiles.- 3.3.2 Electrical substitution and cryogenic radiometers.- 3.3.3 Bolometers and thermistors.- 3.3.4 Pyroelectric detectors.- 3.3.5 Golay pneumatic detectors.- 3.4 Photoemissive detectors.- 3.4.1. Vacuum phototubes.- 3.4.2. Photomultiplier tubes.- 3.4.3 CCD cameras.- 3.5 Photodetectors with the internal photoeffect.- 3.5.1 Photoconductors.- 3.5.2 Junction photodetectors.- 3.6 Luminescence quantum counters.- 3.7 Photoionization chambers.- 3.8 Chemical photodetectors.- 3.8.1 Requirements to well-established actinometers.- 3.8.2 Basic advantages of actinometers.- 3.8.3 Primary and secondary photochemical processes. Quantum yields of the gas-phase photoprocesses.- 3.8.4. Photoprocesses in condensed phase.- 3.8.5 Gas-phase actinometers.- 3.8.6 Liquid-phase actinometers.- Problems.- References..- Chapter 4. Methods of absolute calibration for photodetectors and light sources.- 4.1 General.- 4.2 Calibration by means of standard detectors.- 4.2.1 The visible and near UV spectral range.- 4.2.2 The vacuum UV spectral range.- 4.3 Calibration by means of standard sources.- 4.3.1 Photodetector calibration by means of resonance lamps.- 4.3.2 Photodetector calibration by means of strip lamps.- 4.4 Absolute intensity measurements of light sources used in experiments.- 4.4.1 The visible and near UV spectral range.- 4.4.2 The vacuum UV spectral range.- Problems.- References.- Chapter 5 Methods of calibration of spectral instruments in arbitrary units.- 5.1 General.- 5.2 Sensitivity calibration by using calibrated strip and quartz tungsten-halogen lamps for spectrometer/photodetector systems.- 5.3 Sensitivity calibration for spectrometer/photodetector systems in the UV spectral range.- 5.4 Calibration for lens (condenser)/spectrometer/photodetector system.- 5.4.1 The lay-out impact on the spectral sensitivity function.- 5.5 Sensitivity calibration for spectrometer/photodetector systems in the VUV spectral range.- 5.5.1 Extended hydrogen (deuterium) lamp.- 5.5.2 Сollapsible extended hydrogen discharge lamp.- 5.5.3. Branching ratio methods.- 5.5.4. Double monochromator methods.- 5.6 Sensitivity calibration for spectrometer/photodetector systems by means of well-known spectra.- 5.7 Calibration for spectral transmittance of spectral device.- Problems.- References.- Chapter 6. Absolute measurements of spectral radiation intensity of processes under study.- 6.1 General.- 6.2 Absolute intensity measurements from point source, illuminating sphere, and illuminating plane.- 6.2.1 Point source and uniform illuminating sphere.- 6.2.2 Uniform illuminating plane.- 6.3 Absolute calibration of registration systems by me.

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