Discourses of Anger in the Early Modern Period (Intersections #40) (Hardcover)

Early modern anger is informed by fundamental paradoxes: qualified as a sin since the Middle Ages, it was still attributed a valuable function in the service of restoring social order; at the same time, the fight against one's own anger was perceived as exceedingly difficult. And while it was seen as essential for the defence of an individual's social position, it was at the same time considered a self-destructive force. The contributions in this volume converge in the aim of mapping out the discursive networks in which anger featured and how they all generated their own version, assessment, and semantics of anger. These discourses include philosophy and theology, poetry, medicine, law, political theory, and art.

Contributors: David M. Barbee, Maria Berbara, Tam's Demeter, Jan-Frans van Dijkhuizen, Bet l Dilmac, Karl Enenkel, Tilman Haug, Michael Krewet, Johannes F. Lehmann, John Nassichuk, Jan Papy, Christian Peters, Bernd Roling, Paolo Santangelo, Barbara Sasse Tateo, Anita Traninger, Jakob Willis, and Zeynep Yel e.
Product Details ISBN: 9789004300828
ISBN-10: 9004300821
Publisher: Brill
Publication Date: August 7th, 2015
Pages: 510
Language: English
Series: Intersections