Jacob's Dream: El Sueño de Jacob (Hardcover)

Jacob's Dream: El Sueño de Jacob By Hector Pérez, Liliana Pérez (Artist) Cover Image

Jacob's Dream: El Sueño de Jacob (Hardcover)


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Jacob is a curious boy. He lives with his mother on their farm and is obsessed with flying. His adventures worry his mother. She knows he's a good boy and prays for him to get back to helping on the farm, do his chores, and stop chasing the animals on her farm.

During the day, he runs around, chasing chickens, turkeys, and roosters hoping to get their feathers. He spends time in the field looking at doves and studying how they fly. He is quick to take action with his ideas. He ignores his chores while his mother's patience runs thin. At night she finds solace in her prayers. One night her prayers are answered with a visit from an angel. Jacob grabs the angel's attention, asking if he can fly along. The angel barters with him, asking him never to chase and remove the feathers from any bird from that day forward. He reacts impetuously, clinging to the angel's wings. After a long flight, the angel grows tired. Jacob sees an opportunity, removes the angel's wings, and takes flight. Jacob is not alone in the sky; the nearby angels see him flying alone. They surround him and deliver him back to his bedroom.

In the morning, he sees and hears an owl talking to him. He is startled and responds to the owl's question. The wise owl offers Jacob a different approach to fly.

But how? Jacob can't wait to find out.

Jacob's flight will leave you with a sense of wonder and the belief that with imagination, anything is possible.

Product Details ISBN: 9798885906517
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: November 16th, 2022
Pages: 58
Language: English