Hog's Breath



    This, Mason's second book of verse devoted to the porcine erotic, chart's the transgulfant migrosis of Swilly Jim, a four hundred pound quasi-civilized hog, against whose ponderous charms a succession of intriguing, brilliant, shatteringly sensuous women, find they have no defence. Equally entranced and defenseless, Mason's readers must count themselves among Swilly Jim's slop and mud encrusted conquests.

    In the delirious stench of the sty, the hideous but compelling swagger of Mason's porcine casanova, one seems to approach the appreciation of a world enticingly similar to our own. "She felt the pig's gelatinous flesh slosh against her own/and all the world an avalanche/ a landslide of mud revealing the nakedness/ the vanity of resistance." Awash with filth, scarred by the restraint of desire, the reader emerges from the sty and sees with Mason's masterful eyes, views a world in which the conflicts which plague our society have been set to rest.HOG'S BREATH is indeed a poetic triumph.

    "HOG'S BREATH soars with porcine abandon, taking the reader on an unforgettable ride through the farmyards and parlours of the south. Whether subduing men with devastating, darkly philosophical ripostes over a glass of sherry, or subduing fascinating women with his indomitable bulk, Swilly Jim carries all before him."

   "Mason's poetry sings and swaggers with delicately clustered bravado. HOG'S BREATH like LORD OF THE MANOR before it, is both a delight to read, and a challenge to its reader. In his bulging charm, and flatulent insight, Swilly Jim seems to ask his readers what holds them back from embracing life with all the fetid gusto of a four hundred pound pig."