Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Landing Page.

For this most unusual of years, we are offering

DDG Holiday Concierge Service

This service includes...

In person appointments
Telephone appointments
Email consultations

Personalized consultation on book and gift selection for everyone on your list
Free gift wrapping with either curbside or in store pickup

The cornerstone of our Holiday Book Picks is DDG's Holiday 20

We have a stellar assortment of Jigsaw Puzzles in Stock!

Our Top Stocking Stuffer Picks Are Here!

And Here Our Sensational Art Supplies and Crafts!

What Ho for Our Holiday Card Selection!

The Finest Baby and Toddler Toys?

And Now for Unusual Games and Creative Toys

Last But Not Least Our Amazing Science Kits

We have many more sidelines. If you have any questions about items you see here or are looking for and can't find please give us a call at 207 778-3454 or email us. Thank you for your business. We really appreciate it!