Mt. Blue High School ARC Reviews

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Book Title: 
The ash princess
Laura Sebastian

I read the whole book however I did not enjoy this book very much the characters lack depth.

Thanks Savanna. Depth is certainly not something I would choose for a character to be lacking!

Book Title: 
My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life
Rachel Cohn

The book was really good, I liked how the characters had their own stories and how somethings ended up happening when you didn't expect them to.

Book Title: 
The Girl King
Mimi Yu

This is an astonishing story filled with magic and mythology. Princess Lu of the First Flame is traveling across her land to retrieve her stolen throne. She seeks the help of the ancient Yunians, and Ashinas, the survivors of the land that her grandfather and father destroyed. Mimi Yu did an amazing job of mixing magic into this thrilling and gruesome tale. I loved the vivid descriptions throughout the entire story. I hope Mimi Yu writes another one.

Mimi Yu does have a sequel coming out Kayla. It is called Empress of Flames and is scheduled to come out March 12, 2020

Book Title: 
Ship It
Britta Lundin

I really enjoyed this book. It was a really good representation of fandom and how it affects different people.

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