Ever Heard of Her

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Ever Heard of Her?
by Lisa Savage - Industry Books 2020

This exceptional book highlights nine women who were standouts in their fields, and yet are largely unknown. As part of telling their stories, Savage also explores how sexism (and in many cases racism and homophobia) diminished their accomplishments and in some cases resigned them to obscurity.

"Just about everyone knows who Jesse Owens is,” said Savage, “but why is it that so few people know who Alice Coachman is? She was the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal for the United States, and she won 10 national championships in a row. But you’ve probably never heard of her. Cesar Chavez is a household name, but almost no one today has heard of Emma Tenayuca, a union organizer who founded two chapters of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union before the age of 24 and on whose shoulders Chavez acknowledged standing. Why?”

Through research and analysis, Savage has written an accessible, readable, and educational book for all ages that can be used as an educational text or simply an enjoyable deep dive into some of the drivers of American culture who have been left behind by a male-dominated historical record.


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