Titcomb, a Mountain of Ski Memories

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by Megan Roberts

With the Franklin Ski and Outing Club starting in 1939 and the first lift rides in 1942, Titcomb Mountain is older than most of the ski areas in Maine.  What really sets it apart is that is it owned and operated by volunteers and has survived all these years with the same owners – the people of each generation who call it their own.

Titcomb can never boast that it grew from one lift into a multi-peak giant with many, or even that much has changed at all.  Yet it has chugged along year after year, improving in slow increments, sometimes stumbling, but then rising back up to continue upward. With a vertical drop of 340 feet, it features sixteen alpine trails for all skill levels, along with a terrain park, glades, and night skiing.  Titcomb also has 16 km of Nordic trails, including 2.3 km with lights. The beginner pony lift and the two T-Bars get people where they need be and the lodge is homey and comfortable.  It is loved for what it is, and it is enough.

 Megan Roberts grew up on these trails and then went on to spend over thirty years in the ski industry, including eight years managing Titcomb.  Her father was the Club’s unofficial historian, a job that Megan inherited and relished.  The trove of materials on Titcomb, as well as her first hand experiences, make this book come alive as you feel the struggles and triumphs through the generations.

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